Early Impact

Feedback to date has only confirmed that a significant gap exists in the emotional recovery guidance and resources available for stroke survivors, their families and professional caregivers. Central to our mission is finding effective ways to increase awareness of this gap and actively promote the importance of addressing emotional needs and rebuilding identity after stroke.

Through speaking engagements, meetings with healthcare professionals and survivor groups, podcasts, and interviews,  Debra and Steve are able to provide both powerful voice and varied perspective. Together, they have almost a decade of lessons to share from navigating the aftermath of Debra’s severe stroke — through the vulnerable eyes of a survivor and principle caregiver/supporter, as partners and as parents.  As individuals, Debra brings academic expertise in identity, and a growing understanding of how these concepts and tools may apply in a life post trauma. Steve’s leadership experience in a nonprofit focused on social and economic equity has particular relevance for a community of survivors that often lacks access to the support and resources needed for recovery. 

In addition to speaking engagements to build awareness, we are meeting directly with experts on stroke recovery — neurologists and other physicians, therapists of all kinds, educators, policy makers, business and nonprofit leaders and others with the ability to influence the stroke recovery care continuum. We are also engaging with the most important experts — stroke survivors and their families — to learn what is most needed and least available to support their emotional journey back to good lives. This work is not only critical to broaden and deepen our understanding of the issues, it is creating ripples of awareness and building foundations for future collaboration.