Ride with Rusti

We’ve Finished!
Our 100 Day, ocean-to-ocean journey was completed on August 26th with a wheel dip in the Atlantic Ocean.
We’ll be updating this site soon to reflect the completion of the journey and what’s coming next.

Welcome to Ride with Rusti – our day ride program. Though a warning for dog lovers – Rusti may or may not ride each as her mood determines!

For cyclists who live near our riding route, we want to get you involved!  This is your opportunity to come out and ride with us – for a few miles or a whole day. Stroke Across America is all about raising awareness – and showing numbers on the road will certainly help to do that. And we’d love to meet you, chat with you as we ride, and learn about any connection you have to stroke, aphasia, other brain injury or the journey to rebuild identity during recovery from any trauma or major change in your life. Or just have some fun together.

It’s important that you sign up here if you want to come join us on the road or trail. Our route may change at the last minute and we want you to get that information. We’ll also be sending messages, usually the day before, with our daily ride timing which will vary. Getting that information will be important to figuring out when and where you might catch up with us during the day. 

Signing up is easy:

      1. Click here or on the map above to get to the map of all Ride with Rusti opportunities
      2. Click on the location/date you want to ride with us
      3. In the pop-up that opens, review the information and click on the sign-up link
      4. Complete the form (which includes an Acknowledgment and Release and Participant Waiver), and submit
      5. That’s it – within a few days, and before the day of your ride, you’ll get an email confirmation with a link to the detailed route map on Ride with GPS.

You can come out as an individual or as a group.  Some cycling clubs, stroke/aphasia support organizations, and other groups are rallying their members to ride with us – especially on our approach into or departing from their cities.  That is great, and we encourage more to do so. But we do ask that every individual rider sign up here.  

For more information, see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below, where we try to answer all the questions you might have, and provide a link for you to send us more.  

If you come out to Ride with Rusti (and the rest of us) please note that you must be fully self-supported.  Our support crew is responsible for the logistics and safety only for the Stroke Across America riding team and does not have the capacity to support additional riders.  Bring your own food, water, pump, repair kit… whatever you need for a ride of whatever length you plan to do.

We look forward to your Joining The Journey!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Why is this available only on some days?
    We’ve created Ride with Rusti days on 39 of our 79 riding days.  Which days is a function of many things – the nature of the route, starting and ending locations, any restrictions because of park permits, the need for riders to have days of greater solitude and its safety for larger numbers.
  • Will the Stroke Across America group always be riding together?
    No.  While we often will be together, everyone will be riding at their own pace and on their own schedule during the day.  So you may intersect with some riders, but not all.
  • Do I have to start at the beginning of the day?
    No, you can meet up with us along the route if you want.  You can ride as little or as much as you want.  But be aware that we aren’t creating schedules to do this, so you’ll have to find us.  Also, be sure you provide us with contact information so we can inform you of any last-minute route changes.
  • Can I ride for more than one day?
    Sure – ride with us as much as you’d like.  But remember, anyone coming out to ride with us is fully responsible for all their own support — including food, water, lodging or camping arrangements, repairs, and any necessary transportation or emergency support.

Have a question that is not reflected here? Send us an email.