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Stroke Onward is pleased to provide book group discussion guides that we have developed in collaboration with academic and community partners. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for people to create discussion groups that can help deepen and personalize the reading of Identity Theft: Rediscovering Ourselves after Stroke.

Guides and other materials can help facilitators lead discussions with diverse populations interested in stroke recovery, identity, and how to navigate the emotional journey to rebuild rewarding lives after a brain injury or other significant medical issue.

Stroke Survivors: We developed an extensive chapter by chapter discussion guide for use by survivors and explicitly created to be accessible by people with aphasia.  The materials may also benefit others facing similar challenges due to traumatic brain injury or illness. In addition to an instructional overview for facilitators, we have created and tested chapter support materials and Points of Reflection (questions), and also share a growing list of additional resources contributed by the community.

These materials are intended to be utilized in a well-supported group setting like support groups or book clubs run by skilled facilitators. Participant feedback has confirmed that reading the book has been valuable but that the opportunity to discuss it and engage with fellow survivors has been even more impactful. As one survivor who participated in our development process commented, the most meaningful part of the experience was, “Realizing that I am not alone.”

Carepartners:  Carepartners must work to both support their survivor and also cope with their own life changes and emotional journey.  We know that carepartners typically have very little time.  We also know that their needs and feelings often take a back seat to other priorities.  As a way to address these divergent needs, we elected to create two different versions of carepartner book support material, including both an abbreviated list of discussion prompts and more detailed Points for Reflection for each chapter.

Healthcare Professionals: We have crafted a targeted set of discussion prompts for  healthcare professionals to guide conversation,  build awareness and spark the exchange of experience and best practice innovations.

General Readers: Many people not connected to stroke in any way have told us that Identity Theft contains valuable perspectives for anyone experiencing significant life changes due to medical trauma or other similar life events.  Our discussion prompt questions encourage all readers to think more deeply about their identities and the life they most want to live.

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Our book group discussion guides are intended to complement listening to and/or reading the book:

Note: All author proceeds from the sale of Identity Theft will help fund Stroke Onward’s future work.


These materials would not be possible without our generous collaboration partners:

Survivor Guide

Boston University Aphasia Resource Center
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Carepartner Guide

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Prior to public release, our survivor materials were field-tested by and improved with thoughtful feedback from an extraordinary pilot group of facilitators, and their associated group members and student clinicians. We would like to thank each organization below for their important contributions:

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