More than a bike ride—a 4,500 mile journey to raise awareness



Emotional Recovery

Our 100 day ocean-to-ocean journey was completed on August 26th, 2022 with a wheel dip in the Atlantic Ocean.

What messages did we take home?

Leading a fulfilling and rewarding life is possible after stroke.

The stroke community is growing, and there are ways to engage with one another in your community. You are not alone.

People want the system to change – to provide more support for the emotional journey critical for rebuilding rewarding lives.


A coast to coast bike ride to raise awareness for stroke, aphasia, and the emotional journey to rebuilding rewarding lives. 100 days. 4,548 miles. 16 community events. Watch our 3-minute video and join the journey.

Who better to lead this journey than those who have lived the life of stroke and traumatic brain injury? Meet our riders - two stroke survivors, a carepartner, and a traumatic brain injury survivor.

Almost 8 million stroke survivors are currently living in the U.S.
Stroke is the leading cause of adult onset disability in the U.S.
One-third of all stroke survivors suffer aphasia, a disability that affects communication, not intellect.

4,548 MILES


100 DAYS

Re-Live the Journey

This trip may be over, but Stroke Onward’s journey continues, and we’d love to have you along!

A woman bike rider in blue and orange biking gear
A man being assisted while he gives a speech to a crowd
A group of bikers for a charity

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Survivor Stories

“Seeing the incredible resilience of people impacted by stroke, and the commitment of those who support them, is truly inspiring,” shared Debra Meyerson. “Our events reinforced how important it is not to let yourself get isolated after a stroke or when living with aphasia, and that we must come together as a community to drive the healthcare system to better support the emotional journey in recovery after traumas like stroke.”

Randy Miller

"The best therapy is living your best life."

Shirley and Doug Hitt

"It feels good to be with people who are walking the same walk."

Lisa Tolefree

"My condition was called aphasia,
I said to myself, who is she? Aphasia?"

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More than 100 organizations are collaborating with us to raise awareness.

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