Creating & Sharing Resources

Even when survivors, families and professional caregivers recognize the importance of the emotional journey, they find it difficult to find resources that can help. We are also developing resources that can effectively support the emotional journey in recovery:


Book Group Discussion GuidesDriven by feedback from speech-language professionals and others about the opportunity to make Identity Theft more accessible and powerful for survivors and others, we have developed  a series of book group discussion guides. Created in collaboration with academic and community partners, these guides are meant to be used by groups of survivors, carepartners, healthcare professionals, and the general public. The discussion guides are intended to spark personal exploration and growth in a facilitated, supportive peer group.


Blogs and other writing: Writing is an important tool for raising awareness about our mission and also serves as a repository of resources available to those looking for information to support their emotional journeys. For more of our writings, visit our column for American Stroke Association, our Articles and Interviews, and our website blog.