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Stroke Onward’s Mission: To ensure stroke survivors and their supporters have the resources needed to rebuild identities and rewarding lives.

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Stroke Onward’s co-founder Debra Meyerson, PhD was named the American Stroke Association’s (ASA) 2023 Stroke Survivor Hero in recognition of her efforts to use her experience as a stroke survivor to bring awareness, education, and inspiration to people across the country.

For information, read our press release or visit the American Stroke Association’s site.

During the summer of 2022, Stroke Onward’s co-founders and a team of survivors cycled across the country to raise awareness about stroke and aphasia.
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We are pleased that this mission, and our work, is resonating with stroke survivors and families, people in the stroke system of care, and those in the healthcare system more broadly.  Many press outlets have written about our work or have asked us to write or speak about it for their publications. Review our previous Articles and Interviews here.

If you are interested in writing about our work, we would love to help.  A lot of background information lives throughout this site, but you might find these pages particularly helpful:

If you are looking for more general background and data on stroke and recovery to support a piece focused on Stroke Onward and our mission, you might want to consult the following resources which we have found to be very helpful.

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