Book Materials for Survivors and People with Aphasia

Thank you for your interest in our aphasia-friendly book group discussion guide.  Our materials were designed for use in a facilitated group where you will have the opportunity to benefit from and share this experience with peer support. For some, participating in this book group may stimulate very challenging inner work; it is not always an easy read for some survivors, especially in the early months and years following a stroke.

Resource links have been provided below to help you locate potential groups in your area. We encourage you to reach out and assess whether it might be possible and appropriate to establish an Identity Theft discussion group to support your emotional recovery journey locally.

If no group option is available and you have the opportunity to work in tandem with a healthcare professional, carepartner, or other strong source of local support, please reach out to  We are working on additional options for individuals and hope to be able to share more information soon.

Support Group Links