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“Seeing the incredible resilience of people impacted by stroke, and the commitment of those who support them, is truly inspiring,” shared Debra Meyerson. “Our events reinforced how important it is not to let yourself get isolated after a stroke or when living with aphasia, and that we must come together as a community to drive the healthcare system to better support the emotional journey in recovery after traumas like stroke.”

Randy Miller

"The best therapy is living your best life."

Shirley and Doug Hitt

"It feels good to be with people who are walking the same walk."

Marjorie Rush

"Stroke recovery can feel like walking through a storm, but when you are doing that, hold your head up high and don’t be afraid of the dark. There is possibility on the other side. Possibility thinking is important."

Dipika Aggerwal, MD

"Meeting other stroke survivors, of course, no two people, present the same way with a stroke, everybody's presentation is different but meeting them personally, it gives you motivation that you are not alone in this fight. And it gives you power to keep fighting."

Lisa Tolefree

"My condition was called aphasia,
I said to myself, who is she? Aphasia?"

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